Cricket 2022: Brian Lara smashes Rashid Khan, Australia vs West Indies, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Strikers – MashaherNet

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Cricket 2022: Brian Lara smashes Rashid Khan, Australia vs West Indies, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Strikers – MashaherNet

The West Indies would have been wise to draft legend Brian Lara into their injury-hit side in Adelaide after the 53-year-old showed he’s still got it in a priceless net session with Rashid Khan.

Lara played his last Test match 16 years ago in 2006, but he showed against the Afghanistan and Strikers spinner that hasn’t lost any of the skill that saw him blast 11,953 runs in 131 Tests at an average of 52.88.

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A massive crowd converged on the nets at Adelaide Oval during the dinner break on day three to watch Lara take on Khan and no one knew quite what to expect.

One of the best spin bowlers in the world currently taking on one of the greatest batsman ever, now in his fifties, but looking as fit as he did when he played.

“Welcome to a world first on the Big Break with a massive crowd in attendance,” Mark Howard said on Fox Cricket.

“They have come out the back. The beers are here. The kids are here and they are here to see one thing and one thing only.

“I present to you in the grey corner, a man that has made 400. A man that has made 500 and now at 53 years of age, Brian Charles Lara.

“He is going head to head with the No.1 Twenty20 spinner in the world. The wizard from Afghanistan Rashid Khan.

“We will start with you Brian, who do you think was the quickest wrist spinner you played?”

“I think it would be Anil Kumble,” Lara replied.

“No flight and I found it pretty difficult, so I’m looking forward to facing Rashid.

“I’ve been thinking about it all morning. I got up at about 5 o’clock and I thought, how am I going to handle this today?”

“You are taking on Rashid Khan the hero of South Australia,” Howard said.

“Everyone loves this man. Rash, you get the chance to bowl to Brian Charles Lara. How are you feeling?”

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“It is unbelievable,” Khan replied.

“As soon as I heard that I was going to bowl to him I was super excited and nervous as well. It is going to be a different day for me bowling to someone like Brian Lara, who is a great player of spin bowling. I think it is going to be a great challenge for me.

“It is not just about winning and losing, but I am heaps proud to bowl to him.”

Few people could have predicted how well Lara would play against one of the best bowlers in the world in his prime, but the West Indies legend more than held his own and even dominated Khan at times.

Lara and Khan could hear each other through their microphones and Khan showed he meant business when he refused to disclose to Howard what he was bowling first ball.

“I’m not telling him now,” Khan said.

Khan’s first ball was a wide down the leg side showing some nerves from the brilliant spinner.

“A wide down the leg side first up,” Howard said.

“Brian what are your first thoughts on the pace?”

“It looked a little quicker than some of the bowlers I have seen out there (pointing to the middle of Adelaide Oval).”

Next ball Lara eased through mid-wicket with a back foot drive in his classical style.

Third ball Lara tucked off his pads around the corner. Fourth ball was a wrong-un that Lara rocked back and cut through the covers.

Fifth ball Khan used another wrong-un that got through Lara’s defences, but missed the stumps.

“No edge, I’m still here,” Lara said with a laugh.

Last ball of the first over, Lara whipped Khan off his pads around the corner with his trademark wrists.

“He’s very quick through the air, but if he pitches short I still have a lot of time to play, “Lara said between overs.

“So far he hasn’t got his length yet, so lucky for me. I think he is going to be dangerous if he finds his length.

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First ball of the second over Lara rocked back and cut Khan away with ease. Second ball Lara again whipped Khan off his pads as he dropped short.

Last ball of the Test cricket section of the battle, Lara negotiated Khan with a forward defensive stroke on the on-side.

Next Lara was given 12 runs to win off an over of Twenty20 bowling from Khan.

First ball struck him on the pads down the leg side for a leg bye. Second ball Lara advanced but blocked after being struck on the pad.

Needing 11 from four, Lara stepped back and smoked Khan in a cut shot that wouldn’t look out of place in his highlight reels from his prime.

Needing seven from three, Lara produced a pull shot that would have gone to the boundary, but Howard gave him just one run.

Needing six off two for the win, Lara advanced and hit on the off-side for one run, meaning he needed four for a super over and six for the win.

last ball, Lara advanced and smashed the ball to mid-wicket for four.

“One bounce for four, it is a tie,” Howard said.

“How was it Brian?”

“It was good fun,” Lara said.

“Low trajectory. I think Rashid may not be in top form at the moment, but it was just awesome and a privilege to face the great man.”

“And for you Rashid?” Howard asked.

“It was a great experience bowling to him,” Khan said.

“You can’t dream about bowling to him, so it was a huge pleasure for me no matter what happened. But for me it was one of the best moments”

Social media lit up with pundits and fans in awe of Lara’s brilliant performance with the bat and called for him to get a call-up for the struggling Windies against Australia. .

Originally published as ‘Could West Indies call him up?’: 53-year-old legend Lara smokes BBL superstar in epic net session

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