Son’s tragic update on Melbourne house fire – MashaherNet

10 ديسمبر 20228 مشاهدة
Son’s tragic update on Melbourne house fire – MashaherNet

The son of a Melbourne man, who tragically died in a house fire, has revealed the shocking moments when he desperately tried to rescue his dad and the shocking injuries he suffered.

Zac Johns and his family remembered his dad Travis as a kind hearted person, who was immensely proud of his children.

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“He was just the kindest soul ever he would help anyone in a heartbeat anyone,” Zac told Channel 9.

“I love him so much and I‘ll miss him for the rest of my life and he’ll always be in my heart.”

Travis had been living with a brain tumour and was unable to use the left side of his body, so was unable to escape without the help of his son Zac, when a fire started on their property in the suburb of Melton South last Friday.

“He‘s screaming for help and I just tried to drag him and I just couldn’t cause it was dead weight,” Zac said.

Despite Zac’s bravery, his dad Travis was badly burnt and succumbed to his injuries in hospital on Monday.

Zac is currently battling an infection after also being badly burned from the fire.

“My body is eight per cent burnt, I had blisters everywhere,” he said.

Travis’s mother, Marlene, is finding it hard grappling with the death of her son.

“I‘m in shock still, I’m empty, I’m lost, I don’t know how I’m going to live without him,” she tearfully said.

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Travis‘ brother, Michael Dale, said he would remember his dad as a loving father.

“You see the smile in the photos with him and his kids, you see how proud he was of them,” he added.

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